Frequently Asked Questions

After you send a request, a member of our team will contact you by phone, within two working days. During the call, we explain everything about the process, making sure that you are happy to go ahead. We will then ask you some questions regarding your property to understand more about it and then send that information to our investors, with your consent. If any of them are interested in your property, we will arrange an introduction. Afterwards, the negotiations on the property are managed between you and the investor, or a person representing the investor.

It is absolutely vital that you know how much you would be happy to receive to sell your property. Otherwise, we will not be able to submit your property to our investors. We will ask this during the phone call and it is important that you are prepared to answer.

In case you are not sure about the value of your property, we recommend you get a registered valuation. You can easily find registered valuers in your area with a simple Google search.

Please, take into account that most of the appraisals made by real estate agents are not accurate. In order to make you list with them, agents usually inflate the appraisal. For this reason, banks and other institutions do not lend on appraisal prices.

It saves you a lot of time, money and stress by selling privately. Most people who send us an inquiry are keen to avoid real estate agent fees, marketing and home staging costs. Even for the sale of a modest home, these costs can easily add up to thousands of dollars.

Our process also provides the added advantages of avoiding the constant interruptions that come with a typical real estate process. With us, you avoid the multiple open homes, people walking through your property and the disruption and stress that can cause.

Before making an offer, we consider the current market value and other factors for the assessment process.

Historically, there has been an understanding that investors make their money by buying undervalued properties. Over recent years, this has very rarely been the case.

NZ Home Buyers investors have their own individual circumstances and strategies they use to determine which properties they are open to consider and purchase. They may be evaluating which options will best add value to the property to make their returns. This could be renovations, renting, extensive developments or simply holding onto the property for a long time.

NZ Home Buyers was not set up only to be a money-making venture for its stakeholders.

Our point of difference is that the investors that NZ Home Buyers represents collectively contribute to the administrative costs involved in the business, such as the administrative work required to carefully prepare the offers, considering their NZ Home Buyers property acquisitions as fundamental for their long-term investment plan.

NZ Home Buyer’s role in this process is to gather the information with respect your property and send it to our group of potential investors. If one or more of them are interested, then you will be introduced to them.

Our role at NZ Home Buyers is to connect you with an interested investor. We do not represent them beyond that point and any offers or transactions are between you and the investor. Each situation is unique since the properties and investors are all different.

There is no legal obligation at all until both parties have met the agreeable conditions and the sale and purchase agreement has been signed and committed.