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How it works

We have streamlined the process to be as simple as possible to save you time and money when you sell a house privately in NZ.

Most properties can be successfully sold this way.

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Fill in the Webform

Fill in the web form on our homepage with the basic information of the property you wish to sell such as address details.
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We’ll Contact You to Learn More

We will get in contact within 48 hours to learn more about your property and to get a good understanding of what you are hoping for with the sale.

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We’ll Submit Your Property to Our Investors

We will contact our investors and if they are interested, we will proceed to introduce you directly to the investor. From that point onwards, any dealings are between yourself and the prospective investor.
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If Needed, We’ll Provide You With the Best Alternative Options

If for whatever reason your property is not considered appropriate for the NZ Home Buyers stakeholders, we can introduce you to highly-regarded real estate agents in your local area who we personally trust and recommend so they can provide you with the best alternative options.

To read more information about the process of selling your house privately with NZ Home Buyers, please see our FAQ page below

Sell privately in 4 simple steps

Wondering how to sell a house privately? When you sell your house privately using NZ Home Buyers, you gain access to a private network of property buyers who buy homes, fast.

The NZ Home Buyers process facilitates an easy, risk-free approach to the private sale of a house.